Toto Wolff says Mercedes let Nico Rosberg down

nico rosberg

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff feels the team let Nico Rosberg down in Abu Dhabi after technical issues blighted his race.

Rosberg went into the season finale 17 points adrift of team-mate Lewis Hamilton and he immediately fell behind at the start.

When his ERS failed, the German dropped out of contention, eventually crawling home in 14th, while Hamilton came through to win and secure the 2014 world title.

“The bitter part is that we worked so hard to make the car reliable and to enable the boys to fight it out,” Wolff said.

“That we had the problem on Nico’s car is something that gives us a bitter taste. I feel that we let him down a little bit.

“With hindsight, you can say that it was already difficult for him to make it after he had a not perfect start, but Nico not finishing for us is a personal drama because we are expected to give them two cars that will make it to the finish.

“Lewis not finishing – being in the lead in the championship and being in the lead in the race – would be an even bigger drama.

“However, it does not make it any more good to have seen Nico’s car break down.”

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