Toto Wolff backs ideal Mercedes line-up

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton

Toto Wolff has made clear his belief that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg represent an “ideal” driver pairing for Mercedes, following suggestions that the line-up could be changed.

Hamilton and Rosberg’s strained relationship was one of the main talking points of the 2015 season as they again battled for the world title, with Hamilton coming out on top once more.

Assessing the current set-up, Mercedes boss Wolff told Auto Motor und Sport: “If we had two Hamiltons, the team would have exploded, and two Rosbergs would not make it any easier.

“But the combination of the two is good. It is the ideal situation, even if it makes life hard sometimes. They are so different and have individual approaches. This helps us to improve.”

Wolff added that he has no problem with Hamilton and Rosberg fighting on track, providing that the pair do not make contact, and jeopardise the efforts of the team.

“Controversy on track is important, it belongs in Formula 1, and the last thing I want to do is to stop that,” explained Wolff, when pushed on the issue.

“Our philosophy has always been that they are allowed to race each other hard, while they know that they should not collide with each other on track.

“However, they must also respect the fact that the workforce behind them puts in a huge effort and that they cannot just drive each other off the road.”

Hamilton finished 59 points ahead of Rosberg in 2015, taking 10 victories to the German’s six, with the other three races won by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.


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