Toto: “Best race of the year so far for Nico; perfect job from Lewis” – Bahrain Grand Prix 2015

toto wolff

What can you tell us about the race?

TW: It was a good race. The changes we put on the car after a hard Friday proved to be the right ones. The car was the quickest car out there on both tyres. Nevertheless it’s a pity. Of course we must be happy with P1 and P3. No doubt about that. Anyone who doubted that Nico lacks the killer instinct saw a Nico today who drove his best race of the year so far, at his best, fighting hard, overtaking. Losing a position at the end because of a brake problem was a bit of a pity.

You said brake problem. What exactly was it?

TW: He followed first Kimi then Sebastian. He did lots of fights and hard braking. Because of that we monitored that. But at the end with the backmarkers those brake temperatures went through the roof and we had brake-by-wire failures on both cars. Leading into the last lap it was on the hard braking on the straight. The temperatures went sky high and when that happens the brake-by-wire system switches into the conventional system.

What about the drive from Lewis?

TW: He just did the job in the perfect way. Qualified on pole, a great start and then in control for every stint. He was calm in the car, looking after the tyres, stretching the gaps when he needed to; it was a great drive. He’s in the zone at the moment and you can see that in everything he’s doing.

Were you surprised by Kimi’s pace in the middle stint on the Mediums?

TW: I think he was a little bit surprised himself. We could see that the Prime wasn’t slower at all, maybe even quicker. If you compare this to Qualifying where the Prime was two seconds slower that was quite an interesting result. We were monitoring this. The times were not getting any worse. From his point of view it was an aggressive strategy because at the end, after one or two laps more on the Option, that tyre would have been finished as well. But they took the risks and it worked for them. I think the sport is in good shape and today we saw that. Two teams fighting with the knife between the teeth for the victory.

What new features will you be taking to Spain?

TW: Lots of power and lots of updates. As a team, you have to keep introducing solid updates and developing the car. You can’t afford to stand still.


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