Nico Rosberg sure he got more cheers than boos


Nico Rosberg believes he still retains the support of the overwhelming majority of Britain’s Formula 1 fans despite boos being heard when he stood on the podium at Silverstone.

At the the Austrian Grand Prix Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton was roundly jeered in the wake of his last-lap collision with Rosberg.

One week on and it was Rosberg’s turn to be on the receiving end of the fans’ unhappiness after finishing runner-up to Hamilton in Britain.

Rosberg, though, feels it was only a small minority who booed.

“Lewis had it in Austria, the whole crowd was booing him,” said Rosberg when asked for his reaction to what he heard.

“The thing is, the majority of the British were really, really supportive of me this weekend. I don’t want to catch on to those 15 to 20 people or more that dislike me.

“It’s not really the right thing to do because I should mention more how much I appreciate the majority of people who were supporting me. That was pretty awesome to see coming here.

“On the slow-down lap I was waving to the crowd and everyone was cheering. That was awesome, and it shows the racing spirit they have here.

“Not only do they love their British drivers, but they really appreciate passionate drivers who are out there doing their best and fighting for the win.

“That’s great they recognise that. It’s cool. It’s quite unique how excited they are out there. It’s impressive.

“Even I can enjoy it out there because so many people come to watch us and are going nuts about us racing – that’s cool.”

Hamilton felt the jeering from the fans at Silverstone was as a reaction to what they saw at the Red Bull Ring where Rosberg was penalised by the stewards for causing a collision with his team-mate.

“I tried to calm them down,” said Hamilton, who knows he may be on the receiving end come the German GP at the end of the month.

“In all honesty, it was such a great day and I feel like we’re better than that.

“I didn’t really hear a lot of boos, but what you have to understand is they’re passionate fans and they feel that something wasn’t right in the last one.

“Maybe when we get to Germany we’ll have the same thing. I hope not.”

Overall, Hamilton feels such a reaction is the wrong attitude, adding: “In sport in general it’s just not the done thing.

“If I went to a football game and the other team won, I’d never boo the other team because they did a better job. That’s real sportsmanship.”


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