Nico Rosberg reveals he wears a sanitary towel on his head

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg has revealed that he wears a woman’s sanitary towel inside his crash helmet to absorb sweat.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ‘s Craig Slater, the German, who suffers from an eye problem which is aggravated when sweat trickles into his eye, disclosed how he deals with the problem.

Rosberg said: “I have an issue with my eye when I sweat a lot so that is what the headband is for. Actually I do have sort of a headband in my helmet, it is my trick, but I can tell you.

“I put a woman’s… erm… what do you call them? The thing you put in your underwear.”

Craig Slater: “Tights?”

NR: “No, inside the underwear.”

CS: “Sanitary towel?”

NR: “Sanitary towel – I put that on my forehead in my helmet to take up the sweat.”


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