Nico Rosberg on Sebastian Vettel lap: What the hell?!

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg says he was left in awe at Sebastian Vettel’s dominant pole-winning lap for the Singapore Grand Prix, describing the Ferrari driver as ‘on another planet’ in certain corners.

On a day that saw Mercedes trounced by Ferrari after struggling to get the best from the tyres on the W06, Rosberg will start the annual Marina Bay night race from sixth place, just behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton in fifth.

Much like Hamilton and his team, Rosberg was left perplexed by the sudden downturn in Mercedes’ performance having largely dominated in 2015, particularly as he felt his laps haven’t felt more arduous than usual. Even so, Rosberg credits Vettel’s performance as something special.

“Everybody is surprised,” he said. “We don’t understand it for now. We tried a lot of things because we understood we had an emergency situation. This morning we tried a lot of things and didn’t manage to make progress, we were just lacking grip. If I wasn’t looking at the lap times, I would think we would be on pole but then I look at the lap times and I am not on pole.

“I knew we would have having a tough weekend from FP3. Vettel’s time on the first lap… I was like ‘woah’. I asked if he was on the option.

“I just watched Sebastian’s on-board – I didn’t want to – but I shouted out in the engineering room ‘what the hell?!’ It seems like he is on a different planet in some corners.”

Despite this, Vettel remains convinced the deficit is specific to the rigours of the Marina Bay Circuit, rather than indicative of a future pattern.

“We think it is track specific for now and now tyre specific. We think it is just this track that is causing us problems. We haven’t experienced anything this extreme, because we were so dominant and faster everywhere massively, then to go to the next race, we can’t lose 1.4secs on one lap…”


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