Nico Rosberg: No qualms about taking F1 title with double points

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg says he would have no qualms about winning the Formula 1 title through a double points turnaround, even though he thinks the idea is artificial.

With just 17 points separating championship leader Lewis Hamilton and Rosberg ahead of the final three races, it is likely that the title chase will go down to the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

But there has been some unease about a scenario where Hamilton heads into the final round well clear of Rosberg and fails to finish the race and his rival steals the crown thanks to the 50 points on offer for the win.

While Rosberg is not a particular fan of the double points concept, he says that all that ultimately matters is who comes out on top in the end.

When asked if he would be uneasy about winning the title through double points, he said: “Not really, no. It is what it is and in the end it is just unfortunately the way it is in sport.

“You just look at the numbers on the scoreboard and the person who is first is first – and that is pretty cruel in the end.

“It doesn’t really matter – although of course it is a bit artificial. Being behind, I love them, I think it has been the best idea of the season!”

Hamilton himself admitted such a situation would ‘suck’.

“I think the question is ‘what is fair?'” he said. “This is the rule that they have brought in for the first time; do I really agree with it?

“I don’t know if any of us agree with it or do not agree with it, but it is the way it is and you just have to deal with it and just hope for the best really.

“It would suck if that was the case – big time – but I’m not even going to put that negative energy out there.

“I’m just going to try and do the best job I can with the car that I have and what will be will be, I guess. For the future, I wouldn’t perhaps advise it for the following years.”

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