Nico Rosberg: Mercedes ‘nailed’ its pre-season test programme

Nico Rosberg

World Championship runner-up confident that Merc will begin 2015 where it left off last year.

Nico Rosberg thinks that Mercedes “nailed” its pre-season Formula One testing programme after 12 days of strong performances and impressive reliability.

“Yes, we are confident and think we have a good car,” said Rosberg after today’s test concluded in Barcelona, the last official pre-season on-track running until Melbourne. “We nailed the programme, which is really good.

“We had no major problems. At one point we thought we’d have to take the gearbox off, but it stayed on and off we went again.

“We have a great team now. We’re keeping a close eye on the opposition, because we’ve seen some quite strong times from other teams, so it’s not clear-cut at the moment, but still I think we’re in a good position.”

High winds caused havoc

“It was not the best of days because it was so windy,” added Rosberg of Sunday’s running. “It was so different to understand the car, because the wind was changing corner to corner, so variable. It really made testing extremely difficult. I was still able to learn a few things.

“Still, it was a good way to end the test: no major problems on the car today and we got some good running in at the end, and we could learn something when the wind dropped down.


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