Nico Rosberg fears for ‘legendary’ German Grand Prix’s F1 future

nico rosberg at german grand prix 2014

Nico Rosberg says the under-threat German Grand Prix is a “legendary” part of Formula 1 and must not be lost from the calendar.

F1’s German race was scheduled to return to the Nurburgring this year under the shared deal with Hockenheim that began in 2007.

But Bernie Ecclestone indicated last month first that Hockenheim would keep the race as he had not done a deal with the Nurburgring’s new chiefs, and then hinted that it could fall off the schedule altogether.

If the race – currently scheduled for July 19 – was called off, it would mark the first time since 1960 that Germany did not have a presence on the F1 calendar.

“For as long as I can think there was a German GP and it was legendary, like the British GP – such a fundamental part of the F1 season,” said Rosberg, who won his home race last year.

“So it makes me feel very disappointed that it has not been fixed yet into the calendar.”

AUTOSPORT understands that efforts are still ongoing to secure a deal that will keep the German GP on the schedule, but the chances of it succeeding are unclear.

The race has recently suffered from falling spectator attendance, but Rosberg argued that there was adequate fan support plus too much German involvement in F1 for the race to be dropped.

Germany currently has a large presence on the grid, with three drivers in 2014 championship runner-up Rosberg, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg, plus a champion team in Mercedes.

“There are so many motor racing fans in Germany, and Germany also has such a large representation in the sport with me, Sebastian and the other Germans and Mercedes,” Rosberg said.

“A big part of F1 is German, so I hope it works out.”

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