Nico Rosberg: F1 tyre blowouts need to be “sorted” before Monza

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg believes Formula 1 needs to come up with a better solution to warn of catastrophic Pirelli tyre blowouts, like he and Sebastian Vettel suffered at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend.

Mercedes star Rosberg, whose right-rear tyre blew in Free Practice 2 on Friday afternoon on the run towards Blanchimont, said that there needs to be a better warning system in place for when a tyre is about to blow.

Importantly, he also stated that something should be done about it before Monza, the next Grand Prix in two weeks’ time.

“It needs to be sorted out, this issue, somehow we have to make it safer,” he said. “Somehow maybe we need to be able to see the tyre failing earlier – at least that, if they’re not able to completely solve the problem within the next couple of weeks.

“And it’s Monza [next], again it’s high speed, we need to have something in place for that.”

Vettel was “lucky, just as I was”

Rosberg said he was relieved that Vettel emerged unscathed from his right-rear blowout, which occurred on the Kemmel Straight, on the final lap of today’s race.

“If it happens a couple of metres earlier [in Eau Rouge], you have a big off – a massive one,” Rosberg added. “Like this he was lucky, just as I was, that he didn’t hit anything.”

When asked if he thought it was reasonable for Vettel and Ferrari to have attempted a one-stop race, he replied: “There’s no reason why not, yeah, definitely.”


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