Nico Rosberg downplays championship momentum

nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg has downplayed the momentum of having won the most recent two Grands Prix and has dismissed suggestions that he struggled mentality after his collision with Lewis Hamilton in Belgium last year.

Rosberg claimed only one victory between last year’s contact with his team-mate and this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix, after which he triumphed in Spain and Monaco, closing the gap to Hamilton in the championship to 10 points.

When asked whether he went through a dip for the second half of last season, Rosberg replied: “I don’t share that perception, I can understand why but I don’t see that long trend at all.

“There was no mental switching from this to that, of course there’s more challenging times in racing and great times but it’s during challenging times where you have to keep digging and get back out of it.

“That’s what I’ve done, it won’t be the last time, there’s always ups and downs and there always will be downs, there’s nothing unusual but I’ve learnt to deal with it.

“Momentum…I don’t want to go in to it too much, all I can say is I’ve had a positive last couple of weeks which is better than a negative one, but it’s not about momentum.”

Rosberg added that one challenge this weekend is getting used to a car with a different set-up compared to Monaco.

“This weekend is quite unique as in the year where you go to a complete opposite car to Monaco and it takes time getting used to it,” he said.

“I go out [in practice] and it’s like driving a completely different kind of car, less downforce, I have to brake earlier in the corners, I have less grip, [but] of course it went well for me here last year.”


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