NICO ROSBERG COLUMN: Memories of Germany’s World Cup triumph will inspire me at Brazilian Grand Prix

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Throughout the United States Grand Prix weekend I was in very high spirits. Before the start of the season I didn’t know how I would feel towards the latter part of the campaign if I was fighting for the championship.

For the most part however, I have been able to enjoy the moment and I am really happy about that.

I have not been looking at the past. People have been asking me about my team-mate Lewis Hamilton’s rhythm, his good series of results and whether it puts me on the back foot. But I’m not thinking about that and I don’t have his history in my mind.

In Texas I was in full-on attack mode and you could see that during qualifying. I was really comfortable and confident and I secured pole position.

F1 however, is always about adapting and unfortunately in the race the track and the car was different and I could not find the rhythm as I had done 24 hours previously. It took me too long to adapt to the different circumstances and to nail my own performance.

Also, when Lewis overtook me for the lead of the race on lap 24 I suffered with an electrical problem, which was unfortunate and largely down to bad luck.

There are two ways for me to obtain more electrical power on my steering wheel; there is a button and a switch.

As I went to defend my position I opted to go for the switch. Unfortunately I did not know that the button is immediate and the switch, which I pushed, isn’t.

The switch increases the boost later during the lap, so when Lewis overtook me I did not have any electrical boost and that really caught me out.

As we approached the corner, I was happy with the gap I had on Lewis. I thought to myself “OK, close the door a little bit and concentrate on braking”, but then I was surprised as he was much closer by the time we got to braking zone. In the last couple of metres, Lewis had closed the gap before breaking because he had full boost – which by the end of the straight was equivalent to 160 extra horsepower – and I did not, which was unfortunate.

Four of five laps later I finally found my rhythm and then I was able to go for it and I really tried to push him as hard as possible but it was not enough. He made a couple of mistakes but not for me to get close to him or to create a chance to get by.

It was tough result for me especially in the way that it happened. There is no worse outcome that starting the race from pole position but then being passed by a team-mate who is in the same car. In terms of disappointment, that is certainly the worst scenario.

Of course the result makes it more difficult to win the championship. The title race was in my hands for most of the season, but now I need a little bit of help.

That said there are still 75 points available from the final two races and there is so much that can happen in F1 that I still have all the belief and that is what is important for me.

Trip down memory lane

It is pouring down in Brazil and it looks as though it will stay that way for the entirety of the weekend. For me that is a good thing because a wet Grand Prix increases the chances of something unusual happening and that can only be good.

Our car is simply awesome at every track we go to which is fantastic and very special. To have a car which is leading the field is so cool. For the past few years Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have been lucky enough to have that and now I can experience that which is the best feeling.

When I arrived in Brazil this week it evoked the memories of Germany winning the World Cup earlier this year.

The emotions of that special win against Argentina in the final and the subsequent celebrations have left me in a very positive frame of mind which I will draw from ahead of this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

I will be at the track early on Thursday to review the data from the race in Texas. The engineers have learned a lot of things in the days since so we need to digest all of it and make the most of it for this weekend, the penultimate race of the campaign.

On Wednesday I already started the Brazilian race weekend with a dinner with some engineers in a typical Churaskeria and had loads of meat. So i guess there will be some others to follow this weekend as usual.

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