NICO ROSBERG COLUMN: “I want to put on a great championship finale”

nico rosberg

I have had an amazingly happy time since the last race in Russia. It was there that Mercedes won the constructors’ championship for the first time – a historic moment for everyone concerned.

What that experience reinforced for me is just how much of a team sport Formula One is. It is the championship that means most to all the people involved; it is the one we all win together. I visited our two factories, Brackley and Brixworth, and it was obvious how everyone felt the same sense of elation. The atmosphere was brilliant.

The champagne was out and we sang, ‘We are the Champions,’ which turned out to be a bit embarrassing for me when it went out on Sky. You couldn’t hear the rest of the team singing; just my voice! As some people said I should stick to the driving!

The next big party that is scheduled for the team is our ‘Stars and Cars’ event at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart at the end of the season. I went there when I was a Mercedes go-kart driver in 2000, at the start of my career and now I will be back as part of a championship-winning team. That is awesome, but I also hope I will be there with a drivers’ title under my belt, too.

That brings us to this weekend’s US Grand Prix in Austin – three races from the end of the season. I am 17 points behind Lewis in the drivers’ championship but there are 100 points available. I would prefer to be ahead, of course, but that is the way it is and there is everything to play for.

I’m feeling very good about the situation. I didn’t know how I would feel when it came down to the final few races – whether I would be nervous or whatever, but I am feeling fine, maybe even relaxed. It is an amazing opportunity. There are great races with all eyes on the battle between Lewis and me and we want to make it a great finale.

I am fully prepared. After going to the factory, I went to Ibiza for a few days. I did some training there – it was an opportunity to give the fitness levels a final boost. It is nearly impossible to ramp up the fitness during the season so that is what I was trying hard to do.

Then we did a private Oktoberfest with my family in the south of France – I was wearing the Bavarian outfit. After a day in the simulator in Brackley I went to a driving event and did some passenger rides at the Nurburgring for our partner BlackBerry and then I came early to Austin.

I have been here since Monday to make sure I get over the jet-lag 100 per cent. It is fantastic that F1 is racing in Austin. The city is so cool, so different – their slogan is ‘Keep Austin Weird’, after all. Vivian, my wife, is with me and we have enjoyed our time here.

On Thursday I had the best burger in my entire life. I put it together myself because there are so many things I can’t have – onions, because they are among the hardest things to digest, and gluten. So I had gluten-free bread with Japanese meat – they had Japanese meat for some reason – with a fried egg on top with tomato and lettuce. It was spectacular.

That was not the end of the culinary experience, though. On Wednesday, I went with the whole team to a steakhouse to celebrate the constructors’ title – well deserved by the boys.

Every time we are here there is a debate about how much the impact the sport has on America. My experience has been of many Americans coming up to me and saying they are following the Formula One. They say they are following me and urging me to keep it up. I get the feeling there is a lot of interest in F1 here.

My best position at the Circuit of Americas is ninth but I don’t look at statistics like that. They are not relevant. With the car I have everything is possible anywhere. My approach is to look forward to the next three races and to get the most out of them.

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