NICO ROSBERG COLUMN: I need some help from Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi to win the F1 title… and I am going to push him as hard as I can

nico rosberg abu dhabi grand prix

So, here we are in Abu Dhabi for the final round of this season’s championship and it is an extremely exciting moment for my career.

I am fighting for the Formula One World Championship at the last race, I have a good chance to win, and this is what I have been working towards for all of the years since I began my racing life as a small child.

Fortunately, it doesn’t feel as though it is the ultimate moment of my lifetime so far, which is good. Instead it feels like just another race. Of course, it will be very intense but I have a fantastic opportunity to win and I am raring to go.

In terms of preparing for this deciding race, I have done all I possibly can.

I went to the Mercedes factory last Friday and practised driving the Yas Marina Circuit on the simulator. I also debriefed with my engineers to learn as much as I could from the last race in Brazil.

Qualifying has obviously been a strong suit for me this year but I have had to work on my racing, and I was delighted that in Interlagos I took a huge step forward.

I dominated the entire weekend. I was fastest in every practice session, secured pole and then won the race ahead of my team-mate Lewis Hamilton which leaves me 17 points behind him in the race for the championship. I know that I must carry that form through to this weekend’s race in Abu Dhabi.

It goes without saying that I need some help from Lewis to clinch the title, and I am going to try and put as much pressure on him as I can.

He has been making some mistakes recently, he spun in Brazil for instance, so maybe there is a chance that he will help me out and that is what I am looking for. I am going to try to push him as hard as I can to get him to make a mistake.

It was a massive challenge for me to have Lewis stuck to my gearbox for the entire race in Brazil.

I couldn’t afford to make a single error so I tried to control the pace of the race, not go to my absolute limit to avoid mistakes, but at the same time I needed to be quick enough so he could not overtake.

I really found that balance in Interlagos and I was extremely happy about that because I didn’t manage to do it at the previous race in Austin.

But now we are in Abu Dhabi and I am looking forward to the weekend.

My wife Vivian is here to support me which is great and I have some friends coming along, too so it is going to be very nice to have all their backing.

What has been very special is the amount of support I have received via text messages and on social media. The support has been so huge which I am using as a motivational tool.

It comes from everywhere around the world, including England, and it is fantastic and it makes me very, very happy so I want to thank everyone for that.

I would also like to pay tribute to my team. For the whole year they have allowed Lewis and I to fight it out which is great and probably not necessarily what everyone expected.

We have both enjoyed a proper battle on the track and hopefully created some memorable moments for the fans – that is what is important for our sport.

As a team we have been so dominant this season so it has been important for both Lewis and I to do the business on track and up until now it has worked out really well. Let’s hope we have a good final race.

Earlier this week, I received a German Oscar, also known as a Bambi award, for the best athlete and for my sporting achievements in Germany this year. It was a really proud moment.

I took to the stage just after the national team who won the World Cup earlier this year and it was an awesome feeling. I met Miroslav Klose and Bastian Schweinsteiger, who are both a great inspiration for me.

U2 were there and the best pianist in the world Lang Lang, too, both with great performances. They were incredibly passionate and Lang is really in to his motor racing.

After so many years of performing at the highest level they were still incredibly in to what they do and I am able to take and learn a lot from that.

 Finally, I would like to thank MailOnline for allowing me to write a column this year and also a special thanks to all the readers who have been with us throughout the season. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it as I have writing it.

I also hope that the money we have been able to donate to the Grand Prix Mechanics’ Trust will help the families of those people who have made such a great contribution to our sport over so many years.

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