Nico Rosberg alters in-car breathing method

nico rosberg at jerez

Nico Rosberg says he has analysed the way he breathes behind the wheel in his quest to beat Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton in 2015.

Rosberg was beaten to the 2014 crown by Hamilton, who won 11 Grands Prix to the German’s five, and vowed to make improvements over the winter.

After completing his first public laps in the F1 W06 Hybrid at last week’s Jerez test, Rosberg revealed the extent of his push for more performance.

“Trying to get better started from the first moment after the race in Abu Dhabi; that’s why I did the test to try and pick up some things,” said Rosberg.

“I learned some things over the winter. For example, my breathing was something I could work on, my breathing in the race car.

“When we go through fast corners we hold [our] breath, because we have so much g-force, and we can’t really breathe properly.”

Rosberg went on to explain that the memories of missing out on last year’s title have given him renewed motivation for the upcoming campaign.

“I’m always motivated because I’m here for the challenge, but I have an extra bit of something to have this memory from last year,” he added.

“I know how awesome it feels to win races and I know how great it feels when I beat Lewis, and all these things are extra motivation.

“The chance is very big we will have a good car so that’s something that motivates me and I look forward to.”

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