Mercedes’ Toto Wolff won’t discuss first-corner strategy with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in Mexican Grand Prix


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff will not speak to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg about their first-corner conduct in Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix.

Emotions are still running high between the Mercedes team-mates after they banged wheels on the exit of turn one at last week’s race in Austin.

Rosberg, who secured his fourth consecutive pole on Saturday, will again have Hamilton for company on the run down to the opening corner after the Silver Arrows sealed their 13th front-row lockout of the year.

The 900-metre stretch down to turn one at the newly-revamped Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez makes it the longest on the Formula One calendar.

But Wolff has no plans to speak to Hamilton, the newly-crowned triple world champion, and Rosberg ahead of Sunday’s race.

‘There is no need to discus tomorrow [Sunday],’ said Wolff. ‘We have had conversations regularly and we have had discussions after Austin and they are both absolutely aware of the situation.

‘We want to see them race and not pre-agree before the race started who goes first through the corner and who goes second. It would make the whole thing a lot less exciting.

‘We continue to support them in racing hard and optimising their result and of course for the team it is very important there is no controversy. Obviously if the cars collide that is causing controversy.’

Following the incident in Austin, Wolff was eager to avoid a repeat of the fall-out from last year’s Belgian Grand Prix where Rosberg collided with Hamilton.

And, despite Hamilton’s insistence that the first-lap incident in Austin did not need to be discussed, Wolff has spoken to both of his drivers about the clash on Formula One’s return to Mexico this week.

‘I have looked at the situation at turn one 30 times over the last week in order to make up my mind,’ said Wolff. ‘My conclusion is that both Nico and Lewis raced each other hard and it was under tricky circumstances in a difficult corner.

‘They were side-by-side – maybe even Nico have a tiny little advantage on the outside – and it was hard racing.

‘Do I want to see cars touching? No, I don’t want to see that, but how many pages of rules do we need to come up with to cover every situation.

‘We have had the conversation around turn one and it does not need to be dragged out how it is happening because I am not the headteacher and they are the best two drivers out there.

‘At a certain stage the responsibility needs to be in their hands. The fundamental rule remains the same. We don’t want any controversy in the team and we don’t want any tension in the team.’


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