Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg to seek talks with Lewis Hamilton after F1 US GP clash

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton

Nico Rosberg feels clear-the-air talks are needed after his first corner incident with Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix.

Rosberg cut an annoyed, frustrated figure post-race at Austin, primarily for a late mistake that handed Hamilton the victory, and with it the Briton’s third F1 world title.

He was also aggrieved with what he saw as Hamilton’s aggressive move through Turn 1 on the opening lap that forced him off track.

The 30-year-old said: “The first corner is pretty clear.

“I’m ahead mid-corner, and I have a right to the piece of track and he’s driving me off the road and banging into me.

“There was contact, it seemed quite heavy contact on the steering wheel because we banged wheels, so that’s not on.

“That’s one big step too far, which is not good.

“It needs to be discussed, and I’m not sure [what will happen] going forward.

“It wasn’t the key to the race because the main thing was my mistake which lost me the race.”

Rosberg has conceded to being at a loss over his error with nine laps remaining that ultimately decided the outcome of the GP, claiming it to be “something that has never happened to me before – ever”.

He added: “I got it wrong and it’s really tough to lose the race like I did.

“It was a tough day, but [losing the 2014 title at] Abu Dhabi last year was tougher.

“To have a mechanical problem to rob me of a chance is more difficult to digest than what happened here where there is an explanation in that I made a mistake, so I need to do better.

“It’s tough to digest [losing the 2015 title] and get over it.

“What do I do? I speak to my family and move on to some other thoughts.”

Although Rosberg declined to discuss next season, he is adamant his belief has not wavered when it comes to being world champion himself one day.

“I’m sure you saw my belief out there,” said Rosberg.

“It just went wrong with nine laps to go, but up until then it was all going really well.

“I’d made a huge comeback, I was the quickest guy out there and all these things, so the belief is definitely there.”


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