Mercedes F1 race car for 2016 Formula One season

As has become a tradition over recent years the AMG Mercedes F1 team used one of its allocated promotional or filming days to shake its new car down at Silverstone today, prior to the start of official testing at Barcelona on Monday.

The Mercedes W07 thus became the first 2016 Formula One car to run any laps when it took to the track at 10:15 a.m. on Friday.

Nico Rosberg drove first before world champion Lewis Hamilton took over, and between them the pair completed 57 miles of running on Pirelli “demo” tires. The team has not issued any official pictures, although the car was captured by a UK TV crew.

“It’s been a special day, it’s always a great experience,” Rosberg told a Sky TV interviewer who had waited all day outside the track. “I know so much about this car, but everything on paper — numbers, aerodynamic values, and what everybody has been telling me, and now to see it all come together last night in the factory.

“They worked all night for the last I don’t know how many nights, and then how impressed everyone was with the details, all the mechanics got their first look at it, it was a great feeling. And then to take it around today in anger was very enjoyable, just to be out there on my own, just to feel this new machine, it was a good day.

“It was a good feeling to start with for sure. I felt at home straight away. I could push as if I raced Abu Dhabi yesterday. A good beginning, but of course I look forward to Barcelona testing now.”

The car will be formally unveiled on Monday morning in the Barcelona pit lane ahead of the start of the four-day test, although images of it will be released this weekend.


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