Mercedes attempted 2015 Hockenheim deal


Constructors’ champions Mercedes offered to cover half of any potential losses encountered by the host of the now-abandoned 2015 German Grand Prix, according to a report in a British newspaper.

After several months of speculation, the German Grand Prix was dropped from the 2015 calendar after ‘the CRH [Commercial Rights Holder] and promoter did not reach an agreement’.

It has now emerged that Mercedes attempted to reach a deal which would have seen the race held at Hockenheim, but their proposal was unsuccessful.

“The organisation of the race calendar and of individual events is a matter for the FIA, the commercial rights holder and the individual promoters,” a Mercedes spokesperson is quoted by the Observer.

“In principle, we do not believe it is the job of the competing teams to provide financial support for individual events and we do not believe this is a sustainable model for the future.

“Nevertheless, the German Grand Prix is a core race on the Formula 1 calendar and we have a significant interest in this race taking place.

“Mercedes-Benz has participated in discussions and offered a significant contribution to support a successful German Grand Prix, at the Hockenheimring, in 2015. This offer was, unfortunately, not accepted.”


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