Lewis Hamilton says tension with Nico Rosberg gone

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says tensions between himself and Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg have gone now that their battle for the Formula 1 world championship is over.

The Mercedes duo endured some turbulent times in 2014, including a public falling out in Monaco and an on-track clash in Belgium.

Speaking at Mercedes’ Stars & Cars event in Stuttgart last weekend, Hamilton said that the situation with Rosberg – who congratulated him immediately after he won the title in the Abu Dhabi GP – was now much better.

“You saw Nico come over after the race and I think that underlines the respect we have for each other,” he explained.

“Even though we had difficult times during the year we came out strong.

“We had a filming day the other day and it is like all the tension from the season has disappeared.

“You go back to being two normal individuals, going back to talking about normal things guys talk about.”

Hamilton reckons that Rosberg’s speed this year forced him to raise his game, which only served to help Mercedes.

“This year Nico set the bar incredibly high,” said Hamilton.

“He was very fast and competitive. He was determined and drove incredibly well.

“Being in the same car, with the way technology is now, we were constantly pushing each other and constantly having to raise the bar. So we were both at our best.”



Rosberg’s disappointment at losing out on the title did not last long, as he was back driving for Mercedes in the post-Abu Dhabi GP test.

And having just lost out to Hamilton this year, he has vowed to come back stronger next year.

“I fought until the very end – as the opportunity was always there,” Rosberg said.

“It was a great experience of course, but now we had the test last Tuesday I am already focused on 2015.

“It is an awesome challenge. Lewis’ level is extremely high, and this year he was the best driver on the grid.

“So I look forward to the battle next year and try to be even stronger.”

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