Italian Grand Prix 2015 – Mercedes Team Inside Line

nico rosberg

Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical): “Monza is one of the true classics of the sport – a fantastic race track with a lot of heritage. With the old banking still in place, there is nowhere better to get a real impression of how Formula One used to be in the early days. The circuit itself is quite unique – very high speed, with a special minimum drag aerodynamic package required and significant demand placed on the engine. The brakes, too, are worked hard here, with three big stops around the lap. Kerbs are also a factor, with a good suspension setup crucial to allow the drivers to ride the kerbs and find time in the first sector particularly. The crowds are spectacular – certainly one of the most enthusiastic of the year – although, they are mostly cheering for another team! We hope for a strong performance in Monza. However, you can never be certain at a track with such unique characteristics, so we will need to ensure we are well prepared as ever for the weekend.”


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