FIA post-race press conference – Nico Rosberg – 2016 British Grand Prix



(Conducted by Mark Webber)

Q: That’s right, yeah. We’ve got 100,000 people here, so I’m just going to jump across to Nico. Nico, today… c’mon guys, he fought valiantly, he did what he could. I think tricky race at the start there. How did you feel? A bit like Monaco, you didn’t seem to be quite in the groove there when it was tricky at the start and then obviously the race slipped away. A small error with Max, getting the move done there, and then the gearbox as well, so run us through that.

Nico Rosberg: Yeah, so it was a bit of a trick start of course. Max got me and then it was an exciting race against him. I managed to get him around the outside, which I was so happy about. And then, yeah, just congrats to Lewis, he did a great job this weekend and I just couldn’t reach him, no way. So that’s it, second place, which I have to live with today.


Q: Nico, obviously you had an issue with your gearbox at one point. There was a radio message from the team instructing you how to fix it. We understand that’s with the stewards now. Can you tell us your side of the story and how confident are you that what you were told was within the rules?

NR: It was a very critical problem. I was stuck in seventh gear and I was about to stop on track, so they told me “change default” and try and fix it.

Q: And you are confident it’s within the rules?

NR: Yes.

Q: Nico, let’s drill down a little bit into the battle with Max. The two battles with Max: the one at the beginning of the race and the one at the end of the race. He got you early on, you got him back later on. Tell us about those from your point of view.

NR: Yeah, it was a cool fight. On the Inters not so much of a fight, it was done pretty quickly and then on dry, yeah it was great. You’re playing around with your ERS deployment, I’m trying to get him to empty his battery so that then I can have a good shot – but then when his was empty mine was empty too. So that didn’t work! At times I was doubting, ‘am I going to make this happen or not?’ And then it worked out really well though in the end. He did a good job, defending and everything. It was cool.


Q: (Lennart Wermke – Bild) Question for all three of you: was it really necessary to start the race behind the safety car? What do you think?

NR: Yes. For sure. Because there was some big, big rivers in places, so it’s important to let us have a look at least where they are before getting going.

Q: (Tomas Slafer – Car and Driver, Spain) Nico and Lewis, well you’ve won your home Grand Prix for the last three seasons; Nico you’ve won the last German Grand Prix, so Nico, do you feel pressure to win in Germany again this season, and Lewis, if you win in Germany, will that mean something more than a big victory for you, for the championship?

NR: Pressure? No, I don’t feel pressure. It would be great, it would be good fun and that’s the target for sure but let’s see how it goes. It’s going to be a good battle against Lewis and whoever else. Maybe the Red Bull or Ferraris. Let’s see.

Q: (Livio Oricchio – Nico, many times this year mainly you make the life of Lewis very hard but this weekend, particularly, is maybe the one where you’ve spent most of the time following far from him. My curiosity is after Max overtook you, you did the fastest lap of the race at that stage. Can you explain this contradiction please?

NR: No, no contradiction just Lewis was quicker in qualifying and then in the race I was feeling really good once I got onto the slicks, as you saw. Pace was great, I was just a bit too far away once I got off the intermediates. That’s it.

Q: (Michael Schmidt – Auto Motor und Sport) Nico, you spoke before about the battle with Max an there’s a lot about energy deployment. When you are behind, is it a slight advantage because you see the car in front when it’s de-rating, does it give you an idea of what state it’s in or what condition the other guy is?

NR: No, it’s not easy to understand so no, that doesn’t help, it’s just a matter of keeping the pressure on and Max needs to use it up and hopefully he runs out before me. That’s it. But we ran out at the same time so that didn’t help.


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