FIA post-race press conference – Nico Rosberg – 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

nico rosberg brazilian grand prix


(Conducted by Martin Brundle)

Q: Nico, your 40th time on the podium, surely one of the sweetest? Another great drive, your second victory in a row.

Nico Rosberg: Yeah, for sure, thank you very much. It was a great weekend for me here. Of course everything relative with what happened back in Paris. But still, very, very happy, it went perfectly. Lewis put on a good challenge but I was able to control it and never give him a chance, so I’m pleased with that.

Q: There was a time, around lap 16 or 17, when you were really slow down into Turn One, when you braking early. What was the reason for that?

NR: I don’t know!

Q: Well, maybe Lewis was just mighty on the brakes then. It looked like you were pacing yourself, tyres, brakes, or were there any kind of issues you were carrying?

NR: No, no issues. It was just controlling the pace – never overdoing doing, not to risk doing a mistake and also to not risk having too much degradation. We saw Lewis dropping off a lot with degradation in the second stint and that confirmed that it was important to take care of the tyres.

Q: We heard you on the radio saying ‘don’t talk to me anymore’, the pressure was intense, Lewis was trying his hardest towards the end.

NR: It just depends. Sometimes I need the information but at that point I just wanted to focus on driving and get the job done.

Q: You’ve got to do this earlier in the year, so you can have a fight in the world championship….

NR: Thank you very much for that piece of advice, I could figure that out for myself!

Q: So how can you do that, how can you change that?

NR: Well, I’m pushing now and I was pushing in the beginning of the season. I don’t have an exact explanation for why it’s going so strongly now but I just want to keep it going.

Q: It’s wonderful. Alright, we’ll go back to Nico. Nico, you’re on a roll. It’s not through luck, it’s through speed, but maybe you should go to the casino or play the lottery or something – everything is running for you at the moment.

NR: Well, I’ve been working hard also, because Lewis had the upper hand for a lot of the season and I needed to try to turn it round, so at the moment it’s going really well, I’m pleased with that and next race now Abu Dhabi, I want to try to go for the win there again.


Q: Congratulations Nico, another good reception from the crowd. Win number 13 for you, which confirms your second place in the Drivers’ Championship 2015. Does it good to be in control, second consecutive win from pole?

NR: It feels great to win the races, for sure. Two in a row now, with pole positions as well. It’s just going a lot better at the moment, which I’m happy about that. I don’t have an exact explanation unfortunately, otherwise it would make it all a lot more simple. But of course I’ve been working at it a lot, because Lewis had the upper hand for the first part of the season and so, yeah, I’m pleased that it’s turned around at the moment.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Lewis and Nico. We’re all searching for explanations as to the turnaround in qualifying form. One of the things that someone’s pointed out today is that this has happened since the tyre pressures were increased from Monza onwards – I know you were on pole in Monza Lewis – but since then it’s been Nico all the way. Do you think that’s one of the influencing factors potentially?

NR: No, I don’t. I don’t think so. I think I’ve just raised my game. That’s it.

Q: (Dan Knutson – Honorary) A question for all three. This track might be worse, but it’s not the only track where you can’t follow a car closely. Is it time for a fundamental change in the technical rules – so that you can actually follow closely?

Q: Nico?

NR: Yes, we always need to keep improving the sport – but I don’t know how the battles were further back. Up front I had the pace advantage over Lewis today so of course he’s not going to come by me because in the end of the race I was six seconds in front. So it’s normal he’s not going to pass me in that case. Behind, I don’t know how it’s going but of course it’s always difficult in F1 to pass – that’s why DRS has come onboard and that’s really made a lot of progress for us. So we’ve seen a lot of excitement because of that – but we need to keep working at it for sure, and keep thinking about it.

Q: (Daniel Johnson – The Telegraph) Lewis, particularly given that the Constructors’ championship is done, the Drivers’ championship is wrapped up, you’re ahead of Ferrari in this race, would you like a bit more freedom to – as you said on the podium – to take a risk and do a strategy that’s different because at the end of the day, if you fell back, you haven’t lost anything in championship terms? And to Nico as well: you must have been in a position where you were behind Lewis and had to follow the same strategy. Is that frustrating for you as well?

NR: Yeah, of course it’s been a discussion that we’ve had many times. The thing is you don’t know in advance which strategy… In advance you can only go by what you think the computer tells you, which strategy is best and it wouldn’t really be fair for the guy who is running second to go for the other strategy and then for it to turn out that it was massively the quicker strategy in hindsight, after the race, and as a result, he won the race just because of luck, of the other strategy being so much quicker, and that’s the big problem in there and that’s why it doesn’t make sense in the battle when we’re just battling us two, because it should be just me against Lewis and that’s it and no luck involved from one strategy being a bit better than the other and that’s the reason behind it.

Q: (Rodrigo Franca – VIP Magazine) Question for all you three: I would like to comment on the enthusiasm of the Brazilians for the Grand Prix and of course, we see a big party in the grandstands, even without a Brazilian driver, so I would like you to comment on that and if you feel a difference in this weekend?

NR: It’s just awesome, we’re very thankful for this massive atmosphere that everybody’s putting on here and in Latin America in general, the races now. It’s fantastic. Some of the races elsewhere can learn from the emotions that everybody is bringing to the race track.



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