FIA post-qualifying press conference – Nico Rosberg – Bahrain Grand Prix 2015

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Q: Thank you. Coming to you Nico, obviously you’ve been on pole here for the past two years in Bahrain, but it wasn’t your day today. Why not and are you surprised that in dry conditions Ferrari got in front of you in qualifying? 

Nico Rosberg: Yeah, for sure, it was just strategy-wise today that I got it wrong, because I was thinking too much about the race and I underestimated Sebastian’s speed and also how much it would cost me, and what I mean is that taking it easy in Q2 on the race set of tyres that we start the race with. I just lacked the rhythm as a result. I didn’t into the rhythm and I just had one shot at it at the end with a new set, starting Q3 with a used set. So that’s where I went wrong today. Disappointed, because Sebastian beat me. If I was second it would have been, still, damage limitation, but being third, that’s realty not ideal.

Q: Nico, from what you were saying from your first answer in the unilateral there about being very focussed on the race tomorrow, it was clear in Q2, you were 1.2s slower than Lewis with the time that got you through into Q3, that you were taking less life out of that set of tyres, that you’d start tomorrow’s race on – but from the rest of your answer, does it imply that you didn’t really expect in Q3 at the end to be able to get the pole?

NR: No, I did. But I didn’t expect to go on used in the first part of Q3. I thought we’d go to new tyres. And I also didn’t expect the used tyre to be so slow, like the used tyre was really, really poor. I thought used tyre would be pretty good, especially because I took it easy on that used tyre as well in Q1. But it was really poor. So that meant that I only really had a shot there at the end. And that was poor management. Really, really poor management. Especially because Sebastian’s in front of me. Otherwise it would be sort-of OK still but…

Q: Just to be clear, poor management on your side…

NR: My side. Well, together, we always do it together – but I’m definitely largely responsible for that.

Q: (Livio Oricchio – Globo Sport) To all drivers: all of you used the softer tyre in Q3, Q2 and Q1. How is the situation with tyres for the race? And to Sebastian, can the tyres here be an advantage to Ferrari, as they were in Malaysia? 

NR: Same. Saved a new set of course, for the race, a new set of soft tyres in case the soft tyre is likely to be the better race tyre tomorrow and just need to see. The prime is also a good tyre so both… it’s not really too much of a big thing here this weekend, the tyres. Of course tyre degradation, yes, and Ferrari is going to be strong there so that’s going to be tough competition.


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