FIA post-qualifying press conference – Nico Rosberg – 2016 Italian Grand Prix



Q: Very well done. Nico, coming to you, by the standards of your battles with Lewis in the last couple of years, which are normally very tight, that was a large margin. How do you explain it?

Nico Rosberg: I think the best explanation is that he did some good laps and that’s it, because I’ve had a decent weekend until now and got some good laps in today but just not quick enough.


Q: Coming to you Nico, obviously the start tomorrow represents an opportunity, it’s always a ‘particular’ start here at Monza isn’t it, but I guess, as well, in your mind you want to make up for last year, your DNF, you want to get a strong result here in Monza?

NR: No, that’s not in my mind. What’s in my mind is just tomorrow’s race. Starting from second is a great opportunity. It would be awesome for me to have a great result here in Italy, because it’s a special place for and I feel a little bit Italian myself in many ways, so it’s great to race here and I would love to have a great result.


Q: And the second part of the question was ‘Nico, did you have any particular problem?’

NR: No problem, no. The problem was that I think he had his best qualifying in a long time and that’s it.


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