FIA post-qualifying press conference – Nico Rosberg – 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix



Q: Nico, you radioed “traction not great” but the margins were very small. Do you feel that’s as hard as you have pushed each other?

Nico Rosberg: Yeah, exciting qualifying our there for sure, very close. Lewis was just marginally quicker in the end and my lap was good as well. Just not quick enough, missing that little bit out there. But it’s OK and anyway as we’ve seen this year pole isn’t always the guy who then wins the race, so still optimistic for tomorrow because of course I want to try to win the race tomorrow.

Q: And how about you Nico. Do you feel you have the most to lose if there’s rain and a lottery in the race tomorrow?

NR: I don’ think of anything in terms of most to lose at the moment. I just look forward to tomorrow’s race and whatever comes comes. We have a great car in either condition, in the dry and in the wet, so it will be exciting.


Q: Nico, obviously you said earlier on that pole isn’t everything. That’s been proven several times throughout the course of this year. But the one thing about this race track that is always a bit risky is the start, isn’t it? That Turn One, short run but all sorts happens there and through the Senna S. Presumably you’ll breathe a sigh of relief once you’re on that back straight tomorrow in reasonable shape.

NR: That’s another very grim view of it! Not at all, no. I’m looking forward; I’m going to try and get Lewis into Turn One. That’s the plan. Obviously it’s not going to be easy and the run to Turn One is very short here so that doesn’t help, of course but I’ll try everything I can, definitely.


Q: (Alessandro Gianini – Globo) This is the most exciting race since 2008 and you know the reasons why. And there is this extra thing about Massa retiring. I want to know what do those things mean to you three: the race, the most exciting race and dispute, and Massa retiring?

NR: I wish that the fans go crazy tomorrow at the race to wish Felipe a farewell here, and that we get an awesome atmosphere, that would be cool. He deserves that after all that he’s achieved in his career and all that he’s also done for the Brazilian people, the pleasure that he’s given them over the years. Apart from that, for sure, yeah, it’s going to be exciting, the battle at the front. Let’s see.

Q: (Leandro Alvares – Autosport Brazil) Tomorrow could be the last Formula One race in Brazil so what do you think about it and do want that this really happens?

NR: I wish that we come back, for sure, because it’s an awesome track, it’s an awesome race, the fans love it so we need to come back here.


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