FIA post-qualifying press conference – Nico Rosberg – 2015 Canada Grand Prix

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton

Q: Well done. Nico, coming to you, I think over the radio you said at the end “that was a rubbish end to qualifying”, tell us more.

Nico Rosberg: That definitely was the best way to sum it up, yeah, because I was really on a roll. I was feeling good. But at the end it just didn’t come together at all. Just struggling with grip and this and that. It didn’t work out and we need to analyse now what it was. I had less rear grip, on the first set especially, because it was a good lap, but I just didn’t go much quicker than that. That’s disappointing but anyway fair play to Lewis and tomorrow… the race is tomorrow, so still some good chances. Here it’s possible to overtake, so it’s not all over yet.

Q: Nico, you’re obviously not very happy but, looking on the positive side, what can you do from second on the grid – bearing in mind how little everybody knows about how the cars, the tyres etc. are going to perform, based on limited running in practice?

NR: Yeah. I had a bad qualifying but I’m still second on the grid. That’s just thanks to the car that we have and the job that the team is doing. So that’s awesome. It still gives me hope for tomorrow. Here it’s possible to overtake. It’s a long race and a difficult race also, still to play for tomorrow. That’s good. But definitely, yeah, disappointed with today.


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