FIA post-qualifying press conference – 2016 Canadian Grand Prix

nico rosberg canadian grand prix


Q: Thank you. Nico, coming to you, big lock up into Turn One on that final run, just six one hundredths of a second, though, behind Lewis on the first one. You were clearly right on the edge today?

Nico Rosberg: I was hoping you hadn’t seen that one, but apparently it did come out on TV! Yeah, first lap in Q3 was good. Not quite enough to beat Lewis but it was still a good lap. Next one I tried to pull one out of the bag but it didn’t work out, so that’s it, so second place. Still a good team result of course, again to show that we are the fastest, the fastest car, which has been great, even on this very unique track here. Yeah, for tomorrow everything is still possible, you know, the weather forecast is all over the place, and from second place it’s all doable.


Q: Nico, I guess the way you could look at this if you were taking a glass half full approach is statistically it’s the least important pole in terms of the race outcome of the season, so does that give you some optimism for the race tomorrow?

NR: For now, I’m just thinking about now where I just missed out on pole, very close but for sure yeah, from second anything’s possible, I know that and I will give it everything, but definitely the pole would have been better today, for sure. But I will still try and go for the win tomorrow.


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