2015 Canada Grand Prix – Mercedes Team Inside Line

nico rosberg

Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical): “There has been a great deal of comment concerning our mistake in Monaco and its consequences. On behalf of the team, this error should be put into context. It was a single error made in a split second based on incorrect data. Sport is all about split-second decisions, trading risk with reward, and we do not always get these decisions right. But in my opinion this team gets them right more than most. However, as in all aspects we must always improve, and the failure in Monaco will undoubtedly play its part in that process. Moving on to Canada: this is one of the team’s favourite venues and presents a rather unique circuit with long straights, mostly slow corners and hence a lot of very big stops. So the main themes for the weekend are power and brakes! We will bring new Power Units to this event, the second units of 2015 for each driver. Our first Power Units were used for six complete race weekends, an incredible achievement by the team at Brixworth that saw both achieve total mileages of over 4,000 km. We suspect our competitors may also bring new Power Units, which this year may be upgraded in-season using development tokens, so it will be interesting to see whether and how the ‘balance of power’ is shifted this weekend. The Montreal track is hard on the whole car, not just the engine and brakes, so we are concentrating our efforts to get two cars to the finish, something we did not manage last year. We take nothing for granted performance-wise, either; the uniqueness of the track means that there will be a lot to get right if we are to bring home the top prizes.”

Source: http://www.mercedesamgf1.com/


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